What’s the mindset you need to declutter your home?
Written by Carolien
Jan 30, 2023

What’s the mindset you need to declutter your home?

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Month one 2022

Decluttering is a mindset thing, you can do this!

Even if you have trouble letting go

So it’s obvious it’s not the throwing away itself that is difficult. It’s the thought of letting something go that hurts. Here are 7 mindset tricks you can use to make the process not only easier, but even fun.

1. The object goes. The memory stays forever.

If you start crying already just with the idea of letting go of that super expensive toaster you bought, remember you are not losing anything actually. It’s the idea, the memory of the wish (that with that toaster – so you thought – your life would be different) that hurts to let go. But you don’t have to lose the memory. Take a picture of the toaster, make a special digital album of all the things you are going to sell/throw away/give away so at least you have a picture of your object to keep your memory alive. It sounds silly, but this really does help to make it easer.

2. Not everything can be special. Then nothing is.

Walk around your house and see if you can give a number between 1 and 10, and label them as ‘special’. Is your book about making candles really a 10? Is your plastic footbal your little kid used to play with really an 8? Walk around the house, for 30 minuten and collect 10 items that score under a 5. Decide what to do with it (selling, giving away, throwing away). But don’t keep it.

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