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What will you get?

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So what will you get when you pay for online subscription to my content? It better be good, you say. It will be good, I know. €7,99 per month or 79,99 per year..that’s not even the price of my cheapest workshop ever. Imagine what you can learn from this journey. And if you just feel a ‘little curious’ you can follow the RSS free blogs; delivered in your inbox without having to remind yourself (as soon as there’s news, the automation will send you a newsflash).

Who is it for?

It’s for you, if you feel a call to live a life in more freedom, to dive deeper in living a ‘simpler’ life (meaning: less belongings, more real connections, more nature, less digital input, etc). I’ll start writing in January 2023 and if you signed up for a paid subscription – for the price of a quality magazine per month – you will hear from me on a monthly basis with content from every week. It will be a pretty private posts, a feeling film, raw retreat records, a few lessons learned molded into an online training and an invitation to interact with me. You can subscribe any time (though you will not get access to previous content) and you can cancel as you like as well. Furthermore, think of:


  • Interviews and podcasts
  • Behind-the-scenes information
  • Personalized advice/coaching
  • Live (exclusive) updates
  • Access to video streams
  • Ask me anything
  • Early access to online training XXL
  • Member-only events

Let’s make it clear; what will you get?

So I get it, paying for private content should be worth every penny. In a world where everything is more and more fake, plastic and artificial, see my journey as an online magazine, but then real, true and transparant. You can cancel any month. We’re cool. And I am offering a paid subscription as of 7,99 per month.