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What retreats do you want to go to?

Currently (sept. ’22) I have no clear ideas yet. I am scribbling down some of my favorite retreats: Plum Village, Frankrijk (would love to stay for Christmas and do my practice in winter), Dag Shang Kagyu, Spain.

What kind of camper will you travel in?

Sept. ’22. I am really a no-know currently. If you want to follow my proces of searching and finding, you can subscribe to my newsletter and read my blogs. Click on the tag that says; camper investigation.

Why 7 months + 5 months?

Because I am not an either-or person. I love going to retreats and living in nature. But I wouldn’t want to do that all day every day. I love Amsterdam too, but I am getting tired of the city, the pace, the smog to live her all day every day. So and-and made me come up with this 7 months + 5 months. My programs all last 7 months as well, so I need to be here in person to train/coach my clients. 

Where will you travel to?

I am making a list here of countries, cities, villages I’d love to visit for different reasons! 

  • Ireland, Kerry
  • England, Lake District

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